Sanango Carhuaz, Ancash - Perú

The existence of a project towards freedom as Sinchi Runa needs of the human possibility and the compassion of the universe. One has to collect both wills, the divinity and mans, trying to awaken from a state of ignorance. I feel that the struggle of a man to understand, without clinging to belief, with no other tools than his heart and hope, is the most sacred thing that exists. At the beginning of our journey, the quechua word Ñawi ‘seeing’, wanted to be printed in the heart of Guillermo, for him to see the opportunity of humanity and his relationship as co-creator of his own opportunity through compassion. I am very happy to accompany a man that is striving for freedom, to see in him borne the truth of humanity with hope for coming out of slavery and ignorance. I feel that today he has become Ananda Devi Dasi. I greet the man and teacher that through service is finding the truth in the way of humility and real love.

guillermoportrait2My life has gone through a series of deep crisis that led me to radical changes that start from my childhood to my adult life. Situations of suffering that gave me the chance to see life and the world from different perspectives. I realized that something was missing in me, in the world, and began my search for truth. All my research and experiences have formed a fundamental part of my being; they gave me the ability to realize the opportunity to walk into something real.

From an early age, I had the desire to be free, whether been of family, cultural, social or any rules of established order. I thought that freedom was being able to do what I wanted, yet still felt the sensation of living a halfway life and incomplete. I resorted to various ways to try to achieve or discover more; traveling through religious practices, sexual pleasures, drugs and many other ways to try to fill that void. At one point I thought life was only to “love and be at peace.” It took me a long time to realize that the love which I was professing was not real and the peace that I was pretending on the outside was not within. It has taken me a great effort to understand the capacity of real love and only suspect the magnitude of its strength.

I am completely sure that as humanity we don’t know real love and we just pretend an interest one on the other, not free of condition. I understand that to reach the energy of love, one must reach compassion, and this only descends through service to others.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be at the service of my two great teachers, Sanango and my son Liam. I am grateful of the infinite compassion, care and unconditional love they have shown me. I am honored of the opportunity to transmute my suffering healing others. I acknowledge the trust placed in me of the ones that allow me to walk beside them on their healing process and have granted me invaluable comprehension for my own growth. I render my respects for their inner strength to dare to heal themselves and to continue their path towards freedom. I am in debt to those who collaborate with this project and hopefully I get the opportunity to correspond with reciprocity.

The opportunity to create a healing center with Sanango has led me on an unimaginable journey within; it has opened my eyes to an unknown universe and has no words to describe. The greatest peace that I feel is to know the purpose of my life with complete certainty. Having aligned my heart with that purpose has filled that void that once was there.

I hope to serve this energy with great humbleness and to meet what is expected of me. My greatest dream is to become a free human being and share what I have received. The center Sinchi Runa was created with that same intention; hopefully it can serve those who come with the same light of compassion and wisdom that has transformed my life.

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