What Happens in Ayahuasca Sessions?

Sanango Peruvian Amazon, Moyobamba

We often read stories of Ayahuasca sessions in which participants are eaten by snakes and are reborn enlightened, or travel to worlds of untold wisdom and manage to communicate with colored anthropomorphic beings or they speak with the mother Ayahuasca who gives them messages about humanity. All this happens some of the times. It also happens that there is great suffering confronting the internal drama of what this opportunity means as we face the personal darkness to understand and go beyond. A session is a great opportunity to stand before the universe; it’s like opening a window into the abstract world. A session is a chance to realize what is going on inside us, and for that we really need to understand what is happening in a session. To interpret a session correctly we have to step away from the idea of “magic” or “fable” of enlightenment through a magic potion. Ayahuasca is an opportunity that depends precisely on the purity, comprehension, trust, respect and openness of heart that we offer to the session.

During the session we can perceive the frailty and brevity of human life and the eternity of our consciousness or soul. We face the transcendence and escape from the prison of our senses through the entheogen. We recover our interdimensional nature and thus we become what humanity really is, a universal consciousness. During the session there are wars between entities of “light” and “darkness”, healers of various spaces that “incarnate” or are channeled through the shaman. Some can perceive gods and demons, angels and succubus, struggling to heal and awaken, obstruct or obscure. This may be perceived by the participants or only by the guide. The perception is related to its “time”, not before or after. The significance of causality is much more intense in a session; we understand why we are there since we see more or less what happens in the subtle world. Some things are inexplicable in the world of reason, but it will open a process of comprehension which will take us to understand the cause in this or other existences.

Many internal dramas are developed.  Some went back to their childhood to be cared, fed, birthed, humiliated, raped, loved or ignored. Others had unknown sensations and unexplainable feelings of their memoirs, when they were on other planets or dimensions. There were those that cave into fear and did not perceive in a conscious level what was happening inside them. Searching the rational, blocking the drama of their own soul. Others felt “bad energy” in the participants, or in the shaman or in the session, not realizing that there is no “good” or “bad”. We only connect to what we need to comprehend and heal within ourselves.

Some people were with God, in contemplation with a nirvanic peace.  Some who were taken to hell by demons that touched their deepest fears and the nature of their soul. Which one healed more? Where was more mercy? Was it perhaps a breed of enlightened chosen ones who felt God in their heart and the others were “despised” by the entity? Who received more love and compassion? Who was more healed? Who was more blessed?  Some went to the nirvana and enjoyed the ecstasy of life, others went to the darkness to recognize and understand parts that need healing. Both are blessed. One for having the opportunity to go through darkness to reach light, and the other for having come out of the darkness into the light. Both have the chance to reach the energy of compassion, for themselves and for others.

If we really understood the nature of compassion, as the force that moves the universe. If we could comprehend from the heart this energy, we would understand completely the infinite mercy that took us to the ecstasy of the nirvana or the same thing that led us to the suffering of the crisis. We would understand the nature of our connections with positive or negative entities and the code behind them. We would understand that behind our suffering is the love of God  giving us a chance to comprehend. We would understand the opportunity and mercy that provided an entheogen like Ayahuasca for humanity. Especially we would understand that among the billions of human beings, there is a reason why we can do this exercise. There is no good or bad session; we have not necessarily come to feel pleasure or understand the whole cosmos, or to see visions to feed our egos. We would understand that we are here to comprehend our higher self through reconnecting with God, making an opportunity out of suffering. We would learn to understand our own human nature, without cultural conditioning, discover our own truth. We would comprehend that the use of entheogens are with the solely purpose for expanding our consciousness to be awaken from our suffering and with that, collaborate to the collective consciousness of the human species.

“All healing sessions are unique, each unfolding situations and sufferings that we need to comprehend in order to heal. The healing sessions are like reading a book. Only that this book contains the most exciting adventure that we can possibly imagine, an adventure into our own universe. It will unfold and describe who and what we really are. As we dive into the book of our being, we will be peeling off our masks, ripping the veil that blinds us and disposing everything that is not ours.  If we maintain the purity in our hearts, we could discover our own truth and have the possibility to integrate what we really are in order to discover and assume our purpose in life. In this way, we can achieve a real change in our lives. Everything outside corresponds to what we are inside. By changing from the inside, everything outside changes automatically. This is the true act of magic.”  Guillermo Guillen



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  1. Manoj says:

    Ayahuasca is for me a total physical, emotional and spiritual happening, what not only cleanses the body, soul and mind. Moreover it helps you to understand the incredible possibilities of your own Spirit, while in contact with the Universal one. You are, what you think and you think, what you eat and drink. So … I feel so grateful to met the black crystal diety, thanks to Ayahuasca

  2. Mark Daniells says:

    Well said. In this work to raise ones consciousness takes much heart and conviction. It is not easy to knowingly participate in a session/ceremony at will not only peal away layers of the ego gently, but my crush it. Fear is the ego’s (false identity’s) resentence to seeing who or what
    really is and love it. From sessions the lesson can reveal that Love is the lesson that needs no other lesson. Unconditional love has but one condition…to except it. Except what you are and serve it or be in denial and continue suffer.

  3. Rhiannon Jane says:

    “Accept what you are and serve it. Or be in denial and continue to suffer.” Very well put Mark. Ayahuasca is something that must be experienced to be understood. And even then it is impossible to capture using the limited capacity of our words. Ayahuasca is not a “drug”. On the contrary, it serves to expose and in many cases cure the falseness and harm of escapist and abusive drug use.

    Note: Beware of Ayahuasca tourism. Sinchi Runa is a trusted source and responsible medium for this type of healing. I highly recommend this place of treatment, personal discovery, and growth -to all those who by no coincidence, have now discovered it. Welcome to your new truth.

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