30 day Healing Process

Healing with master plants and entheogens such as Ayahuasca is an inner work process, not a magic act like many assume to be. We frame such process in our Spiritual Diets, granting a deep purification and real transformation of the being. The intention for this program is to offer the complete process of a spiritual diet in a protected environment. The participant must fully commit to a healing journey that will allow leaving behind dependencies, fears or blockages that one might carry from conditioning, past traumas or sufferings.

Our 30 day program offers an opportunity to have a sacred space away from the daily life, allowing the participant to confront the disharmony or to comprehend the cause or origin of the sufferings that has carried along life. The program is designed to take the participant in a self-healing journey with a genuine process of reflection and personal work. It requires from the participant all the willingness, seriousness, pureness of heart, faith and sacrifice that demands.

Complete Healing Process with Entheogens and Master Plants

The willingness to work starts from the preparation period before starting the spiritual diet itself. This initiation is a purification period that may last from 3 – 7 days depending on the situation in which the participant reaches the center. In the case of participants that come to the center consuming any type of psychoactive substance, this period may last up to 15 days or a month.

Interviews and consultations are used to identify weaknesses and strengths of the participant with the purpose to establish a set of therapies, exercises and actions to be taken during the healing process and once the participant returns home. The consultations serves also for the interpretation of what was lived through the session and along the diet to fully take into a conscious level what the participant needs to reach or comprehend in order to heal.

Open the PDF file for more information on the 30 day Program – Complete Healing Process

The 30 day program consists of:

The guide for the 30 day program will take 7 to 15 days before the program begins for the preparation period and designated exercises after the program concludes. Participants must have an initial consultation through Skype for online counseling before starting the program. If the participant is taking any prescribed medicine, he must adhere to a detoxification period before arriving or if needed by any other reason. This is necessary so the participant is physically and mentally prepared to assume their healing with responsibility.

Skipping or eluding some of these steps does not allow the process to achieve full effectiveness. As the complete process requires very much discipline and can promote self-sabotage, we encourage performing the entire process in the center.


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