Therapeutic Model

Our therapeutic model is a combination of healing tools and ancient wisdom. Together, they create a holistic approach to treatment and personal development on a physical, metaphysical, psychological and spiritual level. We merge the Vedic philosophy, Consciousness Technologies and the Amazonian shamanism to promote self-healing, self-observation and self-knowledge. Our treatments are completely personalized; specifically structured according to the circumstance of each participant.

Healing Tools

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Our purpose is to help each participant reach a level of transpersonal consciousness that goes beyond identifying themselves with the body and mind. This leads them to a higher level of understanding, self-observation and self-analysis. Through the obtained self-knowledge, they learn to comprehend their life experiences as simply circumstances that they are traversing. This, in turn, allows them to step away from the state of suffering, granting them a new perspective and clarity of the root cause that needs to be healed.

The participant will develop tools that provide resilience and the capacity to recreate their existence based on comprehension acquired through direct experience.

Silence and Observation

The participant learns to understand silence and self-observation through an isolation process combined with an intake of master plants which operate at a subtle or metaphysical level. The cleansing of “mental noise” starts with learning what noise is, then developing the capacity to separate from it and finally achieving a pacification of the mind.

We call “noise” to the meaningless mental chattering and all the internal/external factors that promote the disconnection between the person and the true essence of the being. Silence allows the person to begin to live and truly feel from the heart, experiencing the here and now, which is where truth, clarity and peace reside.

Suffering leads people to dive into the “noises” of their emotions and cling to traumas or painful circumstances. This behavior is learned through incoherent conditioning that perpetuates a cycle of self-sabotage and self-destruction.

Healing context



Our location allows us to work closely with all master plants at every stage of the treatment. Special emphasis is given to the use of Master Plants with psychosomatic effects. We utilize these plants within a specific context of sacred ritual, protection and safety.

For good results, these practices demand the strict observance of certain rules: diets, sexual abstinence (including masturbation) and absence of stimulants or narcotics, proper sleep rhythms, physical activity, rest, baths and saunas.

Specific nutrition is a key part of the treatment: Meals are mostly organic, avoiding fried foods, coffee, sweets, spices, high intake of salt and dairy products.

Basic principles

Sinchi Runa does not recognize any methodology that has to do with coercion, violence, psychiatric labels or institutes for “drug abusers”. Our understanding of human issues which can be anywhere from the lack of sense of life, to the so called addiction or substance abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, allows us to move away from conventional recipes based on farms for “addicts” that only treat the surface or symptom of the problem. Our broader, more insightful understanding allows us to guide the participant to dig deeper and uproot the problem at its core.



Our healing process is based on the respect for each participant. We believe that each person is a unique universe and we understand that their life´s circumstances are an opportunity that can lead to the discovery of their personal mission as a human being and their relationship with God or the Universe. In almost all cases, participants who complete full processes end up not only healing the circumstance that brought them to treatment but completely evolving in to the person they feel they were always meant to be.

All who come to Sinchi Runa are treated equally with personalized attention regarding their situation. We consider that someone who comes for substance abuse, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or any other psychological or physical ailments have the same opportunity and ability to understand as participants in search for spiritual development. In fact, the opportunity for someone that is already living a crisis may be greater than in any other circumstance.

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Daily life

Once we have assessed the circumstances and individual healing needs of the participant, we create a treatment schedule for them. With the participant’s health and best interest at heart, the activities we schedule are not optional as they are an integral part of the treatment. Spiritual nature activities are mandatory for all, regardless of beliefs or philosophy of life.
The spirituality in Sinchi Runa is not religious or dogmatic, it is based in Orientalism, Vedic philosophy and communication with Earth or Pachamama.


Spirituality is present throughout the day and is the main cornerstone of the treatment.

During the day, participants are organized into working groups to fulfill responsibilities in the daily tasks of Sincih Runa. Participating in these tasks brings order to the environment, as well as internal structure through working and giving. It is also a form of personal retribution to the dynamics of the Centre and themselves.

Potential daily schedule:

The activities are held to promote silence and introspection. We do not promote group therapies or any social interaction without any sense of purpose.

The activities in Sinchi Runa far from been a distraction for participants are intended to be a moment of self-observation and reflection. The objective is to keep participants away from constant mental debates and allow them a space to nurture their inner capacities.


Reintegration to the World

Our process is one of completely disconnecting the participants from all external concerns so they can put all their energy towards internal healing and self-knowledge. The early stages of treatment require a total disconnection from 1 to 3 months. In therapies longer than six months, and once the disconnection period has concluded, the reintegration period initiates. The participant begins to have controlled contact with the exterior and can complement his time in Sinchi Runa doing something of his own interest with optional activities:

These activities are conducted outside of the center, allowing the participant to develop individual relationships, independence and responsibilities. The participant might also start generating some income in order to achieve self-reliance and begin rebuilding their life.

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Post Treatment

We believe that is important that participants remain in contact with Sinchi Runa after successfully finishing their treatment. Follow-ups allows the past participant to consult with us should they need of further assistance in developing their life’s journey. As an incentive for completing their treatment, graduating participants receive extended benefits that help solidify their healing and encourage the continued development of their evolution.

Treatments greater than 3 months completed:

The participant can choose to establish a path of comprehension within the Centre as a Student. As a student of Sinchi Runa the participant keeps integrating and developing their understanding through the continued presence at the Center. They will participate in further healing and psycho spiritual development activities in exchange of taking more responsibilities at the Center. Students are only required to cover lodging and food expenses.

Treatments greater than 6 months completed:

The participant has the same option to become a Student if so desired, and will be able to participate free of charge in seminars or healing processes of one or two weeks (Depending on availability) for a period of 3 years after they have completed their process to continue their spiritual development.

We strive for the full recovery of every participant, helping them to fully disengage from the conditions that brought them to the Center. We encourage participants to rebuild their lives based on their own truth and inspiration, reaching the independence that is needed to bring true meaning to their existence.


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