Preparation for Iboga Treatment

Most people have a sense of danger about Iboga. It is usually mistaken by the experiences using the extract alkaloids TA or Ibogaine which can be lethal. Iboga is definitely not something to play with, but is completely safe if administered correctly. In Sinchi Runa we only use the plant itself “rootbark” as done in tradition. We employ the micro-dosing methodology to offer a genuine and totally safe treatment.

The micro dosing with “rootbark” is one of the safest methods for working with Iboga; is to ingest small doses for a period of one to two weeks, evaluating the biochemical reactions and integrating the alkaloid into the system of the participant until the high dose or complete flooding occurs. The presence of a caregiver with medical and altered states of consciousness is offered throughout the entire process, along with the daily visits of Sanango. The Iboga can bring very difficult physical and energetic conditions that require professional and shamanic assistance.


1. Write to our email – – what is your motivation for taking Iboga?

2. Fill the Online Clinical Sheet

3. Send results of medical examinations
a. Electrocardiogram Test (12 Lead ECG or EKG)
b. Liver Function Test (LFT)

4. Establish the date of entry and make the full deposit of treatment

Previous Protocols


The variety of experiences with Iboga are wide. Many people are surprised at how difficult and “hard” they can be. Many describe the treatment of Iboga as one of the most difficult experience in their life. The Iboga can change the entire existence, the meaning of it and the relationship to life. One needs to understand that is necessary to come out of the comfort zone if one is seeking to understand and heal. The treatment with Iboga can have very unpleasant physical symptoms.

Suggestions for Medical Exams

Heart and circulatory problems, including arrhythmia, prolonged QT, bradycardia, embolism and other blockages provide undesirable risks for treatment with Iboga. To ensure the safety of the participant, one must have an electrocardiogram (ECG 12 leads (EKG)) and liver function test (LFT). Tests must be recent, no older than 60 days.

Intestinal impaction is a common symptom for usual opiates consumers; it needs to be treated before treatment with Iboga. You must have the full intestinal motility before starting treatment. We can work the motility once you arrive to the center, but need prior information of the current state.


Treatments with plants (Phytotherapy) require a period of detoxification and purging. This period is essential and begins from the moment we establish the arrival date prior entering into the center.

Master plants like Iboga are detoxifying agents. It is necessary for the plant to have the highest efficiency in the body, from the biochemical point of view, to find a body with the least amount of food or drug-induced toxic toxins and / or psychoactive substances. This will decrease significate unpleasant symptoms that the process with Iboga can have.

The process of detoxification in the center is done by purging or cleansing in an energy level. A process of energy alignment, harmonization and cleansing is required for complete safety. This allows the spirit or intelligence of the plant to act with the least amount of interference as possible. For cases where there is current or high consumption of substances, Kambo or “fire medicine” is given. Kambo is a medicine that sheds toxins out of the body, is excellent to interrupt the use of substances with its energetic value and accelerates the detox process. The application of this medicine is only used for therapeutic reasons depending on the condition of the participant.


We will not treat the person with any of the following conditions:


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