“Iboga is not a magic powder. Iboga is a tool that can transform suffering into comprehension. The spirit of Iboga will show everything you need to understand about your own emotional functioning and release the roots of the so called addiction. One must fallow the obtained comprehension to stay in the state of peace that gives us freedom. Iboga will not castrate your free will, what Iboga does, as well as any Entheogen, is to show your own truth. The truth you need to comprehend in order to make peace with yourself and be able to live a life with freedom. “ by Sanango

The treatments in Sinchi Runa are based on the premise that entheogens are a tool and not a magic potion. The resident needs to assume the treatment with all his will for healing and inner work. The treatment is a hard experience, not only physically, but confronts all the suffering that hides in addiction or disorders. To avoid complications and for the process to be efficient, it is imperative that prior detoxification is entirely completed.

The most important factors to consider when selecting a treatment program are: Staff experience in healing processes and the presence of skilled attendants during therapies. In Sinchi Runa we insist in diagnosis and an elaborate preparation. For this reason our Psycho Spiritual Treatments have a minimum duration of 10 to 15 days depending on the patient’s condition. For Addiction and Detoxification Treatments, we recommend longer healing processes of one to three months.

During the process of psychological, physical or spiritual detox, we use other tools such as shamanic Master Plants; purges with Tabaco, yawarpanaga or other forms of detoxification as Kambo or saunas with bath of plants, ayahuasca sessions, spiritual diets or spiritual work.

It should be noted that we ONLY work with the plant itself (Only the root bark), not the TA or HCL Ibogaine synthesis. We are fully framed in the spiritual quest and healing through seeking comprehension of the disharmony or condition.

The treatments have a preparation with an aim of inner purification, biochemical, energetic cleansing and decoding of information. The participant must assume the practice of rest, silence, abstinence, fasting and introspection. These are days of withdrawal delivered to the healing of body, mind, spirit and heart.

Healing Activities

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