Psycho Spiritual Healing

Healing with entheogens such as Ayahuasca requires knowledge of certain technologies and a series of shamanic techniques which are intended to awaken the inner healing power. It is necessary to submit to a structure or process in a sacred context which leads to a real change in one’s existence. The process of the spiritual diet provides the space that allows to integrate into the heart what is being comprehended through the master plants.

The spiritual diet is an opportunity to establish contact with the higher self, to open up and let go the unnecessary, allowing the voice of the universe to speak from within. The complete healing process of the spiritual diet starts from the beginning of the pre diet, followed by the process of diet and post diet.

Complete Healing Process

Pre diet – 7 days
Spiritual Diet
7 to 14 days
Post diet – 10 to 14 days

Alignment of intentions. Food restrictions, period of silence, introspection, consultations and dream interpretation.

Total isolation with designated Master Plant(s), visits from Sanango.

Food Diet and energy care, harmonization and closing of process in therapy context or at home.

This stage begins the decontamination of information, diagnose and visualization of objectives. Bioenergetic purification with Purges and Kambo

This stage can only be done under the supervision of a qualified guide

This stage allows to broaden, to deepen and integrate the gained insights with much greater force due to additional consultations and Ayahuasca sessions.

It is necessary to successfully complete the three stages to achieve the full healing benefit.

Complete Healing Process

Our 30 day program is within a structure that allows the entire process to be tailored to the need of each participant. The program allows a better preparation and a fully adequate diet according to diagnose. The most important stage is the period of post diet, where the dieter continues to work with dream interpretation, shamanic consultations, Ayahuasca sessions to embed and integrate the gained insights. Read more

For participants who feel to have enough discipline to do the pre and post diet on their own, they can choose only to make the spiritual diet in the center.

Spiritual Diet

The process of diet ranges from 7, 10 or 14 days. The diet reveals the mechanisms of the mind and creates the possibility of an encounter with one’s higher self. Through the diet one can understand Its own sufferings and the opportunity of growth that each represent.Read more..

Introduction to Shamanism and Vedic Philosophy

The 90 day program is designed for those seeking a complete transformation and feel the calling to find their true purpose or mission in life. The process takes the participant to understand tools of consciousness, shamanism, entheogens, master plants and Vedic philosophy. Read more….

Each participant must provide all his will, patience and faith in a context of humility, respect, dedication and discipline. We also believe that the experience should be personalized. We reserve the right to admit a maximum of 6 people.

The healing process has a preparation with a target of inner purification or cleansing, reprogramming of biochemistry and psychic information. The participant must assume the practice of rest, silence, abstinence, fasting and introspection. These are days delivered to the healing of the body, mind, spirit and heart.

Healing Activities

The process will be tailored to the needs of each person within a sacred context and jungle setting. The participant with physical disabilities need to specify their condition to be assessed.

Sinchi Runa is directed by Sanango, spiritual guide, peruvian teacher, holder of knowledge in traditional Andean medicine, Phytotherapy and Vedic philosophy.

The guide for the process will take place a week before and includes different exercises and online counseling if necessary. It is important that the person is physically and mentally prepared to assume its healing with responsibility.


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