90 day Transmutation Process

Three months in Sinchi Runa implies a great adventure of self-knowledge. It grants an intense and profound way of healing. The use of entheogens like Ayahuasca and other master plants are an opportunity to understand one’s self, of one´s “functioning” (How do I function?) (Which blockages or beliefs are lingering to suffering?).

A three month process allows a complete revision of the belief system of the participant. It grants a journey towards healing and comprehension from the heart. The process not only involves healing what we identify as suffering in the current circumstance (pain, illness, addiction, dependencies, etc.), but also promotes the exploration of the universe that resides within each and every one, towards the comprehension of one´s self. (Who am I?). The process is a journey towards the inner truth that comprises the dharma or mission and one´s relationship with God or the universe.

The program offers an opportunity to seek a complete transformation of the self. It allows the participant to make a deep spiritual cleansing of the blockages, self-limitations and conditioning. The participant embarks a healing journey that harmonizes his energy channels and is able to integrate within, his own personal truth.

The stages of the process are interconnected all throughout the program…

Decodification – Energetic cleansing, mental removal of paradigms, beliefs and attachments. Complete review of thought mechanism. Comprehension of relational structures (family, couples, social and sexual role). Purification of one’s energy (purging energetic parasites, ideas that are creating suffering, disharmony and lack of peace).

Harmonization – Understanding of silence, balancing chakras and understanding of the inner world as a source of wisdom (metaphysical process of opening the heart chakra / differentiation between reason and inspiration).

Restoration – Reconnecting with the universe. Embedding the search for spirituality as a path of comprehension and healing. Establish a healthy contact with the other (rooting into earth). Comprehending sexuality as an exchange of energy (ying & yang). Start understanding and walking towards one´s Dharma (mission).

The 3 month program consists of:

The guide for the 3 Month Program will take 7 to 15 days before the program begins for the preparation period, along with designated exercises after the program concludes. Participants must have an initial consultation through Skype for online counseling before starting the program. If the participant is taking any prescribed medicine, he must adhere to a detoxification period before arriving or if needed by any other reason. This is necessary so the participant is physically and mentally prepared to assume their healing with responsibility.

The costs of the program can vary depending on the personal characteristics of the participant as the need of caring, attention, assistance, dependency and level of determination of healing. This is not suitable to be determined before arrival and is establish after the first weeks of starting the program.


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