The consultation is a form of diagnose that helps to establish an initial work plan and determine the healing tools that will be used during treatment. The consultant may have previous clinical diagnoses and these should be referred for reference only. Our view considers the body only as a spiritual expression or as a tool to understand the current disharmony.

The objective of the consultation is to understand the source behind a symptom that can range from spiritual emergencies, addictions or substance abuse, depression, fear or phobias, post traumatic stress disorder or even of biological nature as inmunedeficiencies or physical impediments.

What includes a consultation?

Around 90 minutes of personalized care via Skype or preferably in person. Depending on the needs of the consultant, the consultation includes:

The consultant will receive an email with the recording of the consultation along with written principles, recommendations and tools that were further analized.

What is the cost of a consultation?

The consultation has a cost of US$150.00 – Cost that is deducted from treatment if taken in Sinchi Runa.

Payment can be made through PayPal, Wester Union or bank Deposit.


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