Who are we?

SanangoSanango is a Peruvian healer and spiritual master whose learning is based on Amazonian shamanism and Vedic philosophy. His life and work has allowed him to travel in various states of the soul, from total disconnection to the experience of divinity and peace in states of compassion. Over the past 20 years he has conducted thousands of Ayahuasca ceremonies and many in depth process, specializing in states of addiction, depression, PTSD and initiatory paths.

He has lectured and conducted seminars about shamanism, master plants and entheogens at various universities and other places internationally. He writes a blog at Sinchi Runa’s website.

Sanango conducts spiritual diets and other forms of spiritual healing. He works with entheogens, master plants and eastern consciousness techniques aiming to bring the individual to a direct encounter with her inner universe, the love of God and the reconnection with earth.

He has six years as the founder and director of Sinchi Runa healing center and non-profit organization, dedicated to spreading knowledge of the benefits of entheogens and medicinal plants for treating addiction, depression and other circumstances of mental disharmony.

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Mikaela has been assisting and working at Sinchi Runa for the past four years. During this time she has accompanied and supported people in in-depth processes and gone through numerous plant diets, purges and sessions with various entheogens.

She is a meditation and yoga instructor teaching Hridaya yoga – a spiritual practice that integrates hatha yoga, meditation and daily life awareness. The practice serves as a continuous invitation to discover the infinite potential of the heart and the essence of who we truly are.

DaruDaru Krishna* – Since 1976 Daru Krishna has studied and practiced Bhakti Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish, and at the same time trained dozens of students in these Vedic disciplines. He has given lectures and seminars in universities, colleges and other institutions internationally and participated in well-known radio and television programs exposing Vedic knowledge. In all these years he has compiled and edited books and magazines regarding health, vegetarianism and Vedic philosophy.

In 1979 he introduced the science of Ayurveda in Peru and in 1992 he published “Health and Vitality,” the first book of Ayurveda in Spanish.

He has systematically studied the Vedic sciences in India learning from prominent scholars. In the last twenty-eight years he has accumulated vast experience in reading astrological charts, keeping a satisfied audience who consults him regularly. He also teaches seminars and private Vedic astrology classes in Latin America and the United States.

Daru Krishna is also the founder and director of the Institute Vedika, an organization based in Lima, Peru, dedicated to spreading awareness of the Vedas and offering a variety of services in the area of health and wellness. In April 2013 he published “The Science of Karma – Jyotish – Vedic Sidereal Astrology,” a complete book about Vedic astrology.

* Daru Krishna honors us with his collaboration through consultations prior to a participant’s arrival to Sinchi Runa, the astrological chart allows an interpretation and in-depth analysis of one’s personality, psychology, aptitudes and potential, one’s qualities, predispositions and tendencies. Vedic astrology offers very effective methods that allows us to act appropriately and to initiate the work with plants and the pursuit of healing with greater understanding of the participant.


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