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Sunrise at Sinchi Runa

Do you believe in a superior intelligence or a higher power? We can call it a divine force, the universe or maybe even God. Whatever that image, concept or feeling may be to you, is important to know from heart if you believe in it fully or not. If there is any hesitation or is a profound no, then you might want to skip this article. 

I personally call it God. I dont consider that is fair to place any responsability on God for the atrocities that men, through out religión, has done using his name in order to justify their own needs of power. Religion originally in latin meant “Respect for what is sacred or path to god”, which none of them offer such things. No religión respects the sacred. We could say that life is sacred and history has proven that life is the least thing valued through all the religious crusades, not to mention that the non beleivers are sent to hell, which by the way, does not exist. No religión offers a path to god, they all serve as a intermidiary between him and the people, without offering a direct connection.

I strongly assure that God has nothing to do with the so called religións of this era. Its very obvious to acknowledge this when one decides to stop pretending that everything is alright and consciously starts seeing how the world reacts to one another. So why let religion take away the word God from your life? Why let religión contaminate your once precious relationship with God? God has nothing to do with a set of rules and ideas of judgement and fear. I assure that God is only unlimited unconditional love and compassion. We dont need to believe in God, We need to feel him. He is not observing each and one of us. He is feeling and living the entire universe within us, waiting with all the patience of the universe that we go inwards and listen. This last said reminds me of a story once I heard; God was asking his private consultant that he did not know what to do anymore, he was saying that ´he gave this beings (reffering to us) all the capacity of the universe and free will and still they are always asking for this, for that, claiming for more and always unsatisfied with who they are and what they have or not have´ His private consultants answers ´I know what you can do´ ´You can go within each of one, their you will be at peace and in silence´´Go there as it will be the last place they will look for you, but when they do, they will be at peace and in silence too´

There are spiritual paths designed by religious institutions, ideologies, gurus or obscurantist sects that have certain specific steps, levels or positions to aspire. All based on incomplete perceptions of life depending on its rigidness or exclusions they have made. Many are distorted over time by misinterpretations and others are designed for political purposes. All claim to possess the absolute truth and promise a place in heaven if we commit our lives according to their rules and belief systems. At the end, in all these stories, we are constantly being judged by God and evaluated to see if we win a place in heaven or if we go to hell for the rest of our eternal existence.

This perspective gives us the idea that there is a being in the image of men in the sky, watching every action we make and if we do something out of the rule book, God will punish us and will take note for our judgment day. This harsh way of presenting God perpetuates a constant planting of fear that castrates our own free will and development of our human nature. It also promotes the idea that God is out there somewhere and only through belief or dogma we are worthy of his mercy, compassion and love. Undergoing ideologies created by man in the name of God has proved to be the deception of the human history. They have only brought immense suffering along with wars of ignorance towards ourselves and planet earth. Humanity has become a chained soul at the cost of a false search for God. Its disguised as spirituality, but serves only the purpose of acceptance and social recognition. We are definitely not acting like we would know what God wants from us, so why hold on to the same belief system? Why hold on to the same way of relating to God? Why are we blind to see what we have done over thousands of years. What is it exactly that we dont want to see or that we dont want to do?

Did you know that when the universe was created we were all with God. That we were all really one. If so, why did we stop feeling God inside of us and started looking for him outside? When he gave us free will, we started having the sensation of separation that led us to stop feeling and listening to the entire universe that resides in each of our hearts. This also led us to believe that we were separated from each other creating all this illusion we name reallity or life. We believed that we came into this life to be served and not to serve, that itself has led us to ambitiously seek the individual benefit and not the collective one. We consciously or unconsciously believe that God judges and condemns. It has permuted over our way of thinking, creating fear and placing us far away from love. We started to protect ourselves from our own nature, spreading guilt and fear through uout generation after generation, all the way into the core of our own human nature. We mainly forgot that since the beginning and always, God has been present throughout all our existence, with us, within us.

We have the opportunity to raise our consciousness and remember our divine relationship with the universe. It is possible only to be what we truly are and not be what we think we should be, but a free being.  A being free of beliefs and paradigms, a being with universal consciousness, with divine connection, intuition and in harmony with its surroundings. A being of compassion and love.  In other words, we have the right to exist as a real human being.

How can we find our own spiritual path? Its neccessary to stop seeking answer outside and start feeling within, in the center of our hearts, a genuine interest to serve God. Their is were we can connect and feel the flame or light that resides in the core of our selves. This flame is a mean by which we communicate with the cosmos. In other words, one could say that this flame is a part from God or the universe. It serves as a compass to guide us through the needed steps that have to be taken to give a purpose and direction to our lives. Direction that will take us to comprehend who we truly are.

This path will show us who we truly are and on the side, we will discover our own inner light, our own voice. This relationship with the universe will take us to the spiritual path that is suitable for each and every one. I must clarify that there are so many ways to reach a spiritual path as there are personalities, so even if it is “crazy” what you feel you should do, you should do it with all the humbleness and pureness you possess.

Your unique spiritual path will make you comprehend through out the journey, with much inner healing work, discipline, hope, faith, patience and perseverance, your true purpose in life. Without sacrifice and suffering, there is no comprehension and without comprehension, there is no healing. There is no magic pill, no magic potion or magic wand, much less a messiah or savior who will tell us what to do or do it for us. The will power to take action lies within, along with the truth of each one. Beware in this era of confussion all these concepts of spiritual guides, akashic readings, psychic readings or médiums that are feeding the egos of others and their pockets with the famous readings of famous deitities, or the so called re incarnations of entities and godesses. If you were really a divine entity, you would know it already without the need of anyone to tell you that you are one. In reallity know one can tell you who you truly are, you need to discover it yourself.

We need to take responsability of our own suffering. We need to heal and awaken our own selves. We have to turn the face to the mirror and ask ourselves how much more we will continue to promote ignorance and fear which has caused so much suffering to humanity. We have to acknowledge that everything around us is a reflection of our inner state as human race. The only thing that we are really sharing as humanity is an inmense great amount of misery, pain and suffering. We need to asume our selves as real spiritual beings and align ourselves with our spiritual purpose. The rest of “actions” are just reactions creating the same results we have seeing over thousands of years.


4 Responses to “Genuine Spiritual Path”

  1. Michael Sieler says:

    Excellent article Guillermo!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    I hope to one day visit you and Sanango again!

    Peace and Love,

    • Guillermo , Izabal, Guatemala says:

      We hope we have the chance to share another session with you Michael.
      Very much Love back to you.

  2. Rhiannon says:

    I am very much looking forward to my second session this weekend!! What a gift. Thank you for a beautiful piece of enlightenment

    • Guillermo says:

      We are very much looking forward for your third session. Thank you for your trust and for being as genuine as you are.

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