The Magic Happens through the Process

"One who places all hopes in a session for a change of life, is like one who prays to a god for aid without acting accordingly so that the aid is a natural consequence." Sanango There is a tendency to believe that the so-called master plants and / or entheogens operate as a kind of elixir or panacea. It is aid that a single session is equivalent to 30 years of psychotherapy and perhaps their has been such a radical transformation; However, based on our experience of life and work, we believe that the healthiest and most efficient approach, is to see master plants as healing tools, in

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Seminar July 2015

Already two months have passed by after the first seminar of Sinchi Runa. We wanted to convey our gratitude to the participants, the universe and God; for giving us the honor to work with the master plants in this great adventure of self discovery, connection capabilities and consciousness evolution. The main objective of the seminar was the beginning of understanding the transcendental. We can begin to see life as an opportunity; in which the impressions in our souls leads us to true knowledge, understanding humbleness, compassion and love. We believe that each participant keeps in their hear

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Why not to take Ayahuasca?

There are many indications against taking ayahuasca. At the physical level, the most important is a major cardiovascular disorder. Problems could be caused not so much through the biochemical action of the brew, but through the stress caused by the intense work or circumstance that might come with the session. An ayahuasca session is a great opportunity, but demands a lot of mental and physical strength, for which it is important to have a history free of cardiovascular complications. At the mental level, there are individuals with serious emotional problems that may hinder the dynamic of the

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The human being is part of the universe and the universe as a whole is contained in each human being. This is not an idea of the intellect, it is a reality which one must not believe or learn, and it is a reality that one lives. - Sanango Shamanism is a state of comprehension that is lived and to which there are no beliefs such as death or disease. Shamanism seeks the direct experience, aspiring to feel the divinity and the universe that lives within each one, seeking to feel his own truth. Shamanism is the experience of ecstasy and real love, lives sexuality in its purest form, without fear o

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Vedic Philosophy

“Humility; pridelessness; nonviolence; tolerance; simplicity; approaching a bona fide spiritual master; cleanliness; steadiness; self-control; renunciation of the objects of sense gratification; absence of false ego; the perception of the evil of birth, death, old age and disease; detachment; freedom from entanglement with children, wife, home and the rest; even-mindedness, amid pleasant and unpleasant events; constant and unalloyed devotion to Me; aspiring to live in a solitary place; detachment from the general mass of people; accepting the importance of self-realization; and philosophical

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Entheogenic Workshop

English    Español

Nov 5th – 13th 2016

Huanchaco, Perú


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